Whats The Cost For Building An ADU In Los Angeles?

The cost of your ADU in Los Angeles can vary depending upon the site conditions. The typical cost for an ADU is $300-$350/sqft. For example, if you’re building a 500sqft Accessory Dwelling Unit, you can expect to pay somewhere between $150k-$175k. Keep in mind that variable with the land, city requirements, and final finishes selected can have an affect on the total cost of your ADU.

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Accessory Dwelling Unit – New Construction

If you have land on your property that you’d like to turn into a cashflow generating asset, then we can design & build an Accessory Dwelling Unit from the ground up. Not only can this create an extra stream of income month to month, but it will also add value to your home if you ever decide to sell

Accessory Dwelling Unit – Garage Conversion

If you don’t the land but you have a garage that you want to transform into an income generating asset, then converting your garage to a LEGAL ADU can be just as profitable for income without the extra expenses, permits & inspections that come with ADU’s that are built from the ground up.

ADU Design & Cost Examples

Austin – 1,100 sqft
Cost To Build: $385,000

Portland – 692sqft
Cost To Build: $242,000

Phoenix – 790sqft
Cost To Build: $300,000

Eugene – 256sqft
Cost To Build: $116,500

Minne – 889sqft
Cost To Build: $266,700

Estacada – 210sqft
Cost To Build: $95,550

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